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Legacy Systems



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Does your old computer hardware and software give you the cold sweats at night? You'll rest assured with EENetworks supporting your legacy system.

We support the legacy systems listed below. If your system isn't listed below, please call us and we'll go over your specific needs. We're here to help you.

  • UNIX - AIX, HP/UX, SCO OpenServer, XENIX
  • Novell Netware
  • RS-232 serial hardware, wiring, & cables - serial printers, dumb terminals, terminal servers, Digi boxes
  • RS-422 & RS-485 hardware, wiring, & cables
  • IBM AS/400
  • 3270 terminals
  • Arcsoft Lantastic
  • StarLan
  • Token ring
  • AppleTalk
  • Coax wiring & cables
  • Legacy system programming
  • Sunbelt
  • Low baud rate modems
  • Frame relay & point-to-point leased lines, hardware, & CSU/DSU equipment
  • X.25 packet-switching equipment
  • Multiplexers

EENetworks is centrally located in Southbridge, MA. We primarily service commercial & residential customers in the towns of Brimfield, the Brookfields, Charlton, Dudley, Holland, Southbridge, Sturbridge, Thompson, Wales, Webster, & the Woodstocks. We also provide service to customers outside of our primary coverage area.

5 Tips for Working with Legacy Systems

#1 - Update your legacy system by using emulation on modern hardware

#2 - Modernize old serial equipment using serial-to-Ethernet adapters

#3 - Don't trust your old tape backup system; also backup your legacy system remotely

#4 - Provide employees & customers secure remote access to your legacy system

#5 - Document critical aspects of your system, such as startup and shutdown procedures